About us


The Background

Engine is thanks to its strategic direction,

of professional vehicle design and brand design background and

the many years of experience of the actors with very exclusive vehicles one of the

most interesting vehicle projects of recent years.

In addition to the vehicle, the concept, the value and the design are the decisive components.

They offer fascinating development potential thanks to several positive associations Power, precision, high-tech, aviation, reliability, freedom and adventure.


Engine is instantly known as older, more established Value perceived and becomes with the predicate "Made in Germany" as international Player associated with German cutting-edge technology.

  This perfect symbiosis of product and Made in Germany is the guarantee for success.

  As medium and long-term goals, the plans are expanded to include super sports cars, SUVs and yacht products in the luxury sector.

  Engine as a new player in the upper luxury sector!


The visionaries

The founder and initiator sees himself as a professional service provider for the implementation of the idea to the finished product in the upper luxury sector. Thanks to decades of experience in the development of the automotive and yacht industries, the products bear their mark. As a design engineer and vehicle engineer, the actor was the Erlkönig-maker for brands such as Bentley, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Monterey, Princess, Riva, and many more. He and his team are well equipped to realize the products, to act with the background according to German and international standards.